Saturday, December 26, 2009


well, just back from a youth camp! well, totally fun, meet the new friend from singapore!
for the friend who did not went, sorry guy, u miss al the fun.

that camp is a 4 day 3 night camp, i make it to 2 night. few of us(3 of us, a girl and my younger bro and me) did not sleep for the last day. woah!! haha!! the 1t day i went, feel like camp! anyway, enjoy the places we stay at alor gajah, the food was awesome. most importantly the place is clean.

1st day actually where all the fun started!! dinner time, singing time, most of it was fun!, seriously, for me, there no time to be bored.

2nd day was the game part, awesome, just awesome. the part where we blindfold, trust in the comander. it is the experience i gain, i think!

3rd day, well, water game was fun, really need everyone to join in to make it fun! ever since the 1st few camp i join, i nv really enjoy it to the fullest!

4th day was the saddess part, where all the fun stop! every one have to back to their own house, own rules. hahaha!!

the biggest thing i love was, the friend has to turn "some how" like our bro and sis. it is just new experience!!
enough with the camp,

today is chrismas, well, woke up at 10. went to the church service. suprisingly, it is a chinese session. after that was lunch, have to admit the food was fanstastic. after that went home prepare to go roller skate with the church friend(consider bro and sis), visited the portugese family at pj, then have dinner at murni mamak at ss2m the food was nice, went to bangsa visited michelle, jessica, and kendra. chit chat. and let call it a day! hehehe!! good day!!

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