Friday, December 18, 2009

well!! gila abit to play in this condition!!

we have a match on 18th, vs this team call Sakura, a very strong team consist of few state player, well, to be honest, they are tough player. nvm about that,( i am also tough ma) hahaha!

well, the match started, it ws dry yet!! after about 5 minute!! f*** man!! start drizziling, we thought it is ok to play so we continue!! who knows, once the 1st quarter pass onli, start heavy rain.
we thought of cancel the game, since it already started, we continue lo!!
during the third quarter, seri leh, the score was 39 over 39, we got chance to win!
who knows, 4th quarter, the last quarter we lost 56 over 45. Haiz, in term of height, still can compete. skill, ok la, but overall, they are really good, deng, why am i onli praising them.

my team was great!!! feel great to play in this kind of team!! hahaha!!
for my friend advise and all: don try this at home, if u slip, all i can say is, see u in hospital!! very dangerous! hehe!!

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