Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, lately have been really kinda undescribable feeling,
but one thing i can really be satisfy, after many year of joining different team!!

Seri Saujana, Yoke Num, Seri Sentosa, Salak South, and finally, my latest fun team to be in, Taman muhibah!

Well, the name of this taman is actually where i stayed since young, of course, i have been playing and training at this place since the basketball court was build, so the team is actually form out with my neighbourhood friend. To my suprise, unlike me, i get the chance to play in tournament b4, but they, without trying our tournament, they are still "good" in playing basketball in many ways.

There was a tournament held at Seri kembangan, Sekyen 8. the category we join is open de, 18 year old above. We all neighbourhood friend took part in it!! well, of course not all of them is from our taman!! just that, most of it is our neighbourhood friend.

One thing i like about this thing is, they don really care about winning or lose, as long as we enjoy the time we have while playing the game, If can win, sure wanna win la, but this tournament, we join the open category, which is all above 18 or more!! I saw some player bringing his whole family for his game, cant imagine how he still able to manage the time for the family.

And in this team, there no coach to scold us, just that, if one of have an idea or strategy, we say and try out immeadiately. The pressure, of course got during the match!! but everyone don give each other pressure, so that is another good thing in it!!

Hope that everyone will try their best, and able to get the experiece that not many of us get!

a little update!! hahaha!!!

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