Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry seem to be the hardest word!(don know which song i heard it from),
but i am saying it so often, it seem that saying it more will onli make other people get more angry(i guess)

So happen that lately, i got so much time. All used up on thinking.
Thinking that this might happen, that might change, almost everything.
All i can hope for is that we stay this way, or even better. wont hope for more!

There are few thing goona clear up
sorry for being childish: thing i says that will hurt u, thing i do are so "small boy",
thing i think that does not make sense( or sometime will)
sorry for being arrogant: when i say "don worry". They will onli think that
"who in the world are u to make us worry" Or even I miss you.
sorry for being rude: the tone of my voice( i think), will learn the right way

I will try to be my self, and not be the person they favour most.
So far, so good. Hope that him, her, special friend, best friend, or even both.
I will try to improve my self in term of attitude and knowledge!! hehe! Pray hard!
Comment if my english suck or watever!!!!!!!!
thank for even stopping by!

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