Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, new sem just started, finally get to be the senior in the school of nursing. hahahaha!! we are not the smallest anymore, we are year 1 sem 2. hehehe!

Great, so the college just started, out of ntg, just feel the urge to sleep early, can wake up early. to pay attention in class. erm....... well sudden change cause the body to change tooo....... metabolism.

So, while i slept early, pimple start poppin out, of so many place they can pop out, they pop out under my nose, arggggggggg. for 18 year, i nv had 2 under 2 nose hole. it make it look like i nv wipe my hingus or wat. people stare when i walk around the college, thought that i got flu or something, idiot man! just idoit!! anyway it will gone in a few day, hehehehe!!

another changes is, i get hungry easily, eg. class started at 8, end at 12.30. i start getting hungry at 9 and 11. erm.... don know la!!

lately, thing are great, for me. worried appear but able to solve, stuff change, but no matter wat. it is good, i mean!! erm....... don know lah!

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