Sunday, January 24, 2010


Recently, attend a YAF talk, well, YAF stand for young adult fellowship. So, they started the topic, "Courtship to Life partnership". Which i really think it help us, ME alot. Erm.... i don know where to start. But i will begin with, Dating, to Marriage

A relationship started when:
Begin with the man being intentional,
conducted under the accountability of others(family, church, and wise friend),
Note: there is no such thing as perfect match. So, it is a myth to think u should date long enough to get enough imformation , or to date enough people to find out the perfect one.
Get in to this Courtship lvl fast, and get out of it quick by turning it into Life-partnership
hahahaha!!! quote from: Pastor Kek. very usefull!! for me.......

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