Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It is just merely matter.....

For so many year...... pain, happy, sad, all kind of moment have been encounter without much problem. It seem that lately stuff are even harder(i guess because we grew older). Nvm about that, many time i think, i wanna be some one strong in the eye of my friend, some one dicipline, and some one important. BUT now, i get to realise that, i am to them are merely matter, who cares rites..................

Anyway, get sick lately, due to over tired, played too much.... sore throat at first, but it seem tat it causes me to have fever..... and guess wat, i told my mother abotu it, she start nagging nagging then onli give panedol, i guess this is how she show her care..

Life cannot live without faith, love, and hope........ read it some where. i know is the truth.... some how, it is hard.... to even have faith or hope or love from ur friend!!!

I am not emoing.... it just the thought all along!!!!!

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