Friday, February 19, 2010

Thing i am Gratefull about!!!!(take 5 minute to read this)

Before CNY, many stuff happen, many unpleasant stuff happen, which i nv really wanna tell out!! hehehehehe!!! not my style... anyway, glad that now, everything has turn out fine....
And yet, Can't believe stuff changes so fast, Eg: perception, feeling, though, idea....... many more.
Certainly, Love, hope, faith can't change in an instant, which i am really glad of!!!

Then i came across, friend(church friend). They really do inspired me, in some ways. Things they thought, thing they do, thing they talk!! It is just wonderfull, it is a privelege to meet them and get to know them!!!

Anyway, yet still the moody attitute start appearing on and off....... which is nv a good thing for me! When i don talk, or laugh. It is not that it is not funny. just that, some part of me can't laugh!

CNY, well, Happy Chinese New Year........ to my family, friend, and all... even though i can't meet up. Yet, i am here to wish u....

During the CNY play some fire work...... all which cost around 300++
My uncle and our conversation.
Us: auntie: i want the dragon egg type(firework)
Auntie:zai ah, go get some.....
amounted to 300++
Uncle: (look at us) 300+ onli ah, u all enough anot...
Us: enough loh!!!!!(he buy, we make less noise)
Many photes were taken(my mom and bro wanna make a photo album) with our long long far away cousin(neighbourhood), and our cousin(both side(dad and mom)). Most of it were happy, even though the weather were freaking hot, but all was worth it!
Many year i bet(gamble), but this year may be the best.... guess i played alot with big money and stuff like that. Anyway.... i drink some Achohol(shivas) erm... with my cousin(i think) kinda like that feeling, i mean, some time. Not alway, but that day was NICE...........(after that drink)
which is sinful.....
Then Came down to my house gathering... on my dad side! Great meeting my Uncle and auntie... Ang Pow were nv a matter, weather it is big or small... as long as i get one, i am certainly happy enough.. Guess wat, one of my cousin have 9 kid... Finally, after so long, i remember their name, start from the edlest to the youngest. Abigail, Ariel, Laura, Liana, Sophie, Zoel, Zachariah, Sarah, and lastly Irael....... hahahah!! there are many more!!
I guess all this really happy stuff, and very successfull(the gathering)!
Another story.....
Uncle scolding the son
Uncle: And then WAT???, you nv think this thing through...
This is exactly wat happen when u were in love, u Had her, and then u have no where to go.
Son: I would have figure something out..
Uncle: NO, if her friend haven seen u, they would just curse u.
Son: i am just following my feeling
Uncle:izzit ur own feeling, or izzit a feeling that some one cast upon u.
Son: stop it..
Uncle: I am begging u, It is time to start thinking inward, And time to start asking ur self the big question, WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?
son: "shout"
For ur info, i change abit of this conversation, It is actually ntg to do with girl, i just put it this way!!!!!! when i was watching it, i was actually imagine this uncle shouting at me, with: and then wat? AND Who are you? this two were the point I am trying to bring up myself...... hope it help other!!!
Thank the Lord for the safe journey, wonderfull friend gathering(church), may God continue to bless us all!

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