Thursday, February 25, 2010

Young adulthood

There no certain set of age in young adulthood is completed. Many people in their 30th still show their adolescence problem. Acceptance of adult responsibility requires important decision. He most crucial are choosing marriage partner and a career. Young adult year usually begin with a goal or hope. Sheehy (1976) labeled the stage “ the trying twenties”.

Take inventory and see how you rate in this list of attributes of maturity.

· Ability to think of yourself. If you are mature, you can make up your own mind based on your own values. You may seek other opinion, but the final decision will be your own.

· Willingness to accept responsibility for decisions. If you make a mistake, you can recognize your weakness and accept the blame.

· Control of fear and anger. Although you still have worries and irritations, you have better control. You no longer panic or fly into a rage or burst into tears.

· Willingness to work. Rather than shirk responsibility you want to contribute to society and become financially independent. You prefer not to rely on parent and relative for money.

· Capacity for sexual love and lasting love and lasting relationships. You are able to show your inner feeling and accept the feeling of another person in a deep and intimate relationship.

which state are you all in? all the best!

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