Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere - Frank A. Clark

Hi, once again. Blogs!!! Spend some time, if you have:)

Thing hasn't been going the way I thought it would be. In just one month, almost everything around me change. From relationship, sports to studies, everything. What some more we can't expect it to change. The good things, I have learn to adapt to it quick enough to hold my self together, before it falls into piece. But still, I still think that "NOT EVERYONE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME".

To be honest, the problem now a days I face. It is a whole lot tougher that I use to have. Problem involving lots of people, problem involving friend, and family. Some times I wonder, it is best I start learning how to solve it alone, so that next time, when I get "married", I can easily solve those problem that arise. I turn to God once in a while, I trying to fully depend on him, not yet. I always thought I have a sister to depend with, but then I "take thing for granted". How stupid of me to not appreciate her.

Solving problem can be view as wining a situation, taken control of the whole situation. Depend how you view, when does u stand. etc etc........ WHAT I WANT, when i solve most of the problem. I always look for a win- win situation. How it gonna benefit both side of the party, instead of a party lose. Bigger problem might arise, in a just a matter of time. The sad things is, not many of us view a problem as a "PROBLEM". They view a problem as an advantage, for personal benefit. Instead a team should lose, they want to maximize in their advantage to gain victory. What SELFISH people are this. They are so self centered the only thing come out from their mind is "ME". Not just self centered, they think highly of themselves, gaining any opportunity to dominate the other party. A narcism person, always admired themselves most. A very difficult person to dealt with, in a problem, society, any aspect in life. But what it is to said, when the person have already chosen their life to be this way.
But seriously, what different does it makes.... between me and the person I mention above.
The problem is why people think that way and claim the other way. My parent use to say I am a very Cocky guys thinking so highly of myself and I find it so hard to believe at first. I start cursing her for she said, she walk off as if she didn't heard a word of my mouth, because I was angry, she don't talk to me until Cool Off. The moment I thought of it, "why PARENT point out our mistake when we think we haven't make one". Makes sense right. They knew us best, I felt sorry what I have said. Understood the situation well, and promise not to make the same mistake twice, "displace anger" on others!

Back to truth, I am a very arrogant person, thinking that I am so great, just because of some small achievement that I have make in the highschool life. Now that I think of it, I re-evaluate my self from time to time thinking(Am I Arrogant). Now here is the deal, recognizing ourselves, evaluating ourselves is not so much of the point here......

Listening to the "TRUTH", that is the hardest thing that ONE can hear. I still find it hard when my friend & family point my mistake. Hold a second, they would not say a thing if I haven't committed yet right =)
Accepting and Acknowledging it is the best I could say, "feelings" can be wrong sometime, Jeremiah 17.9 "The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked." I would not trust my heart in knowing that Me, Myself is GOOD enough or not. Do leave some comment here, anywhere else in my blog. Anything u disagree, HEHE!

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