Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Painting while Thinking!

as usual, i woke thinking how much more can I sleep...:) Look out my window and there was it, the sunlight shinning through it. Was rather super sleepy I guess..:)I uses this smiley sign alot lately, remind me to smile...
Went out for breakfast, well history repeat. The waiter was rather rude against chinese customer i think:)

Came back with brushes and all, was preparing to start painting. My suprise, the colour of the paint was rather same.. Started at 11. I realise how time flies when it was 2.30pm, when I was feeling hungry.. went to eat a prepared meal made by my mom. Instant noodle wei.... We don't have that time to go out and have a meal, all I thought, can we finished it on time.

let start with the metaphor, a very perfect way of saying "painting is like, painting I must say". It is where you paint.... I paint the wall, so that it look clean, I shave(paint) my beard, so that it look neat. I bring this topic to a whole new level, Painting the wall can be similar to cleaning your thought, dirty, painful, stain, hurtful.

I seriously believe time don't heal anything, time just keep on getting stain, getting hurt, getting pain! Time don't make thing right, It is the time when u make the decision to clear all this away. Some bigger scar might be seen even though u clear it with a paint. I believe, time give u bigger strength to allow to you clear it away, to hold the brush, roll it, brush it away. It allow to hold no regret over what have happen. It allow you to be clean.
To be a much more better person, As the layer in your heart start to increase, you become more immune to hurt, pain. That, I believe it is how you get stronger...

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