Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ya, it is the day....

2nd week of posting for this semester, and lots of negativity in my thought about people, things, and events.Trying to get a hold of myself. Realize that, friends can only help this much. I can only do this much. Kinda sad. Weak!!! that's it. I am weak, in a sense like really weak. In many thing I must say. Anyway,

Some times, we said! I'm good enough, I'm are myself, accept me or hate me! I'm are not "perfect". All this are good enough to safe ourselves from any hurtful things said by people, I think It is an excuse to accept the fact that you 's**k"!!! But let's not forget, we are human being, we makes mistake. It is good to sometime, sit down, quitely, flash back of what you have done for the pass few month, evaluate yourself, the mistake, things you've say, things you promise and not doing it. Think it through, how much you have cause your friend to lose faith in you. Respect, and confidence are earn. But by WORD  about you can't change that fact you are yourself??? What nonsense!!! We can't please everyone, certainly. The least you could do is please your self in a way "Win Win situation".

YA, it is my birthday!! passes 2 hour ago:) I've many people I wanna thank!! My Church friend, you guys have given me many surprises! Aik, the cards(2 card :p)! the Cakes( i think i spoil the mood) haha! but thanks anyway, made me feel "something" when i'm around with you guys. I'm stil trying figure out the word to describe! :) thx you so much!!!
Secondly, my classmate for throwing a surprise party where i am suppose to give another person a surprise party! Very unexpected! The bags, the cake!!! the dinner! awesome:) thx you!

Surprise are like Ups & Downs. When it is downs, it make us learn how to manage it and let's not dwell in it, When it it Ups, Cherish it, and enjoy it like there is no tomorrow d^-^b

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