Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get OUT!!!!!

In life, you some times wish that, you get out of certain situation, good or bad doesn't matter, as long you can get out of it. How nice, if your wish happen as you speak. But face the fact that you won't be getting out of it untill you are are done with it.

Some how, I know that my friend is always there, always beside me giving, and showing support on me. There fore, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, You KNOW who you are, I don't have to list a name here:) Ex school mate, seniors, friend. They are just there, hands prepared to catch me whenever I fall(I Seriously Hope so). But why in the world am I so afraid to tell them about the problems, More like I manage to escape from those problem, not verbally, more like abusing stuff that cross one limits.

They ask and yet I reject, They show their love as a friend and yet I drew it apart. Some how I can't find the right person to talk it out. The problem not as big as it seems, but when it starts to accumulate. There is when it start to get worse. I manage to escape, but for how long?

How is it to feel that the request you are given are over your limits. How is it to feel that the whole team depend on you(Teams may not feel it this way). How is it to feel that each time a friend threw his/her anger on you. How is it to feel weak when you say sorry, yet it is one the easiest way to get over a social problem. I feel quite relieved after listing it out, at least I know where to start reinforce it:)

There are more problem that I am not comfortable in saying it. But one thing I Learn
"Life Ain't Fair, So get over it" I use on myself. Stuck this sentence in my brain:)
If you reading this, Don't hesitate to leave a comment on the shout out or below. Wish to hear it out from your point of view:)

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