Monday, June 13, 2011

Stuff happen

Hi everyone, once again, will be telling out what I have been through....:(
Sunday was suppose to be just a another Sunday. When Pastor Ho ask us to join the outrich team, we are suppose to go around the neighbourhood to talk about the gospel, to get to know more about them. I was kinda nervous, the last sunday, Uncle Daniel, auntie bee shuet, Uncle Christian, Fide, chze zheng and me. we were suppose to find Karman, but he is now at home, plan change, we ended up in the old folk home.

I was certainly nervous when it come to meeting people, meeting people who are 2 time apart of the generation gap. Not easy to talk to. The place located some where inside SK town, as we reach, and we park out cars, we walk in to the home, as we step into the house, everyone was staring at us.

How funny, a bunch of young looking people going into an old folk home. I can view it in two point of view, 1st it is very sad, pity to see a bunch of old folk in an old folks home when they are suppose to be taken care by their family member, how sad, i mean! YOUR PARENT HAVE BEEM TAKEN CARE OF YOU WHEN YOU WERE A BABY(WHEN YOU DON'T DESERVE A THING) AND YET THEY DO IT OUT OF LOVE, AND U DUMP THEM TO AN OLD FOLK HOME. WOW, SO GREAT OF YOU!!! I am just actually telling this to myself, now and always that, it is ours responsibility to take good care of our parent when they are old, until they leave this world, it is utmost responsibility as a children of our parent. I believe.

Secondly, I can take it as God want me to see this, to appreciate what we still have. Parent, brothers, best- friend, friend, and of course people around me. Seeing mentally retarded person lying on the floor at the old folk home, She is only 40, can't speak, can't eat, not even aware what she is going through. Very very sad. Just so to let you all know, all they need is a little of attention from us, children. Being a business man, required you to be heartless, selfish. At least keep a little bit for your parent, those heart of yours, Cold as an ICE.

A things to share... Hope you guys don't find offended, if yes, SORRY!  

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