Saturday, February 26, 2011

Afraid to Give up

Is that even possible.......

giving up yet afraid of it:)

Many times, i have seen friend giving up on what they want/like to do. From studies, sport, and many more. And out of the sudden, u start ponder upon like, WHAT!! they have the chance, they have the brain, the body, the mind, and still they give up, short to say "talented" people. And yet, they still give up! Not suprise to see some one give up during this year of time, this age of life, this generation(i guess)

dear friend, think twice wei!!!! How many of us wanna be in ur place. You have the chance, the life, the hand, leg, time, knowledge. Still u wanna give up??? If i were to give up something, i hope my friend some how tell me some thing about something...:) hehe!!

Just an advise, If u are in a dilema of giving up. Do think of what possible, obtimistic thing that will hapen when one give up. Don't ever regret, Do look back in ur life and make a change. I am not saying this specifically to myself.

All this thought pop out when i was jogging in the evening, during half of the distance i plan to jog, and then rains start pouring down. And then I have a competition coming up. hehe. SEE YA!!!

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