Saturday, December 18, 2010

Promise but yet empty promise

What is that you don't touch, and break easily? yup, promise, that it. lately it is not as good as anything else there is to good for.
I used to keep all my promise, especially to my friend. Hmm, Be on time to play ball, be on time when wanna hang out, I don't mind reaching early in those day. Saying I will train hard to improve, yes indeed I improve, defeated the one I wanna defeat. Most of it, It is just in sport(No mean to brag).

Now, in college life, people change's. Especially people once close with you. They will never be the same like before, even me. Now that I don't meet them often, They tend forget me and goes on, Well, i hate to admit this, but this is life. People don't wait, people don't hold on to what they have. Stupidly, why do I....

Well, the truth always make people feel uneasy(especially the bible told us so, devil makes us feel that we are "ok", we are right, but actualy we are not.), the truth make them feel unwanted, BUT no, when we speak the truth, they will still wanna complain that the truth we speak is fake(wrong) and theirs is right!!!!! WTH!!! You can hear them talk about stuff they wanna do so much, and not putting any effort in it. Suck to have people like this, PLS!!! do the talk, don't just talk the talk. Once or twice you don't do it, understandable. More then that, I(Edwin) started losing faith in you. Seriously, you do it few times, ENOUGH!

I admit, i break my friend before(i apologize and try not to do it anymore), but you keep doing it again, ready to be forgiven????? . I will not say much as I have not reach a certain level to speak that way, But seriously, if you wanna do it so much, talk less, do more!!!!

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