Friday, October 8, 2010

Yeah.... Hehe:)

It been quite some time that I did not even wanna write or blog my blog...:)

Nvm about that, I would my best to write something of me(knowing no body will read sound like a waste, but who care, I just write...:))

Hm... let see, i just finish my 4 week posting at the hospital Serdang and a student nurse:) thing are getting more and more interesting. We get to see real open wound, with real diabetic gangrene ulcer foot(some of the patient), real bloody scene, and real job to be handle. And of course, exam is just around the corner.....:)

Thing are getting laid back. I don't feel the fear i used to. For example: preparing for a fight when Some one pisses me off, with some feeling of fear yet, not ended up a fight at the end of the day( this won't be nice, because even I my self haven been fighting ever since I was in primary) sort of make a oath to myself that I won't fight. And I am still keeping it now:)

about promise, i sort confuse myself by promising and then not happening, I hated it when I take thing for granted, knowing that everything will turn out orderly without me working hard for it. some thing has to strike, and indeed, it strike. another example of this will be, when I promise some one that i will tell her something, in the end i forget, but she is still thinking about all this time. Feeling guilty won't do much. Waiting for the thing settle is even not in my blood. Now that i am still searching for the right time to say it orderly....... hope it work.

lastly, I guess I just think to much. Thinking is good, but thinking too much is bad. Well, How do I put it, hm........ eg, thinking how a friend would think of me as a??? thnking how would thing turn out to as bad as i ever think, but it turn out to be good...:P this are minor stuff and yet, I can't figure it out.

Yet for the major part will be, "connecting picture" different occasion happen for a reason, it is all connect, A person suddenly hate you, it mean something. hmm, another thing will be "What goes around, comes around" hehe.... hatred, anger, bad thing, what i have done, it will come back to me one day.....:)

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