Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What else.........

Friend are alway there, and yet I am still.......
People there i like will alwaybe there too.......

I read it some where. Christian book, saying if u have a burden "Cast it to lord"
Yes, i did pray for that.

And Yes, I am unable to express my self that much, tat is the burden i am having lately.
Who to tell, who will listen, why in the 1st place i would think this way...... lack of word in explaining something, speaking something so unorganize(people would get irritate)

It would be a pleasure tat people tell me about their problem. Does it mean "trust"?

During posting in hosptal. Well people died, it is something common, but I onli get to see 2 died, in one day, tat left me thinking how short can it be....
After a week, I get a message saying one of my freind's father pass away.
It is not that this bothering me or is just, no matter who, they won't be with us(i mean, the world) for ever so called life.

I am still unable to say which is what, what is why, What to worried......i will stop here,b4 everything turn nonsense:)!

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