Friday, July 9, 2010

So, this is what happen

I was so sure i got back at the right track with a group of friend, hanging out, chatting, Yum cha!! shock!!! but it seem like whatever i do, is really not enough to what they can accept, in just one day when u say u can't hang out or cancel a day out or something... it is like I have dump them or something, then the next time, they wont call u out for good! haiz.......

I have been thinking whether which one to focus more, or which one to do 1st. So many thing to do in such a little time!!! anyway, i wont exactly post what i want to do in this blog.... but roughly, do it, and then u guys will know it!!! It is better done then say( something like this) hehehehhehe!!!

finally, which i have been thinking lately, people can't always be there for u, it not whether how u earn ur fame then people will respect u. I have done that, it seem like that failing me most of the time! have to change abit of the mindset.... hehe! and lastly, seriously, what i thought, when story change, people change!!! Thanks God, that he show me a way, by using friend around me.

When story change with the people, Onli the story move on, People wont change!! izzit this way???? eheheheh!!! do comment!!!!

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