Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well, I have been always looking forward at posting(nursing practical). The bad and good happen at the same time. I guess it always happen that way. Which I must quickly adapt to it.

This thing i realise......... Very Very hurting, Normal, And TRUE!!!!

People have the right to feel offended and able to speak up.... And yet, they uses it differently. I can't say that i didn't do it. Because, unintentionally, i speak up my mind to the other which is "OK".

Here goes nothing, They can act cute, good, nice infront of you, and yet they will go behind ur back and talk crap, ONE THING that gets on my nerve, instead of the truth, they change the story and interpret it more "worst" in order to make things sound interesting. WHICH REALLY SUCKS......

If u are saying the truth, then go ahead....... But if u know that friend of urs is a "big mouth" fellow, Do u think u wan him to know about ur stuff??? this is what i am lucky for, around me, i Don see any of my friend being BIG MOUTH, not now... hopefully, not in the future.

And lastly, if I really done anything wrong, because seriously, some times i don't understand what I did is wrong or right.... SO, pls! personally, find me, tell me(not for advise but for my fault)

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