Friday, May 14, 2010

The problem is.....

Erm.... Now that i have reach this age! OK, i admit, kinda cool to be in this age!!!

Seriously wei.... i would rather stay in my younger day, enjoying every moment(realistic la, have to grow up).

SEE, people ask what am I studying now, I would proudly answer it.
But when people ask whether u have GF ornot.... my answer would be not yet.
Straight away, when both of this question connected, they would think that i am GAY.

Whatever, I have my point of being single and studying this course!! hahahaha
About my course, very long story, i woould onli tell it to certain some one, why i wanna take this course!!!

About the point of being single or not. SERIOUSLY doubt when people say, "aiya, with ur looks and size, easily can gf loh". WTH, Wat with my look? size? i mean... NVM NVM!!!

about the look, i wont comment, let it judge by ur self, whoever reading this.
about the size, i have plan, not being to big!!! slim..... ya, big but not huge, bicep! slim waist, broad shoulder!!! SERIOUSLY, hard to build some thing like this.

anyways, here is where i think of a relationship,
BEING TOGETHER, when boys have to like pay everything. Come on, BOYS, u r gettin married, she is going to give u a family, be a man.

Secondly, Commitment is a big issue, i mean, now at my age, all I think is study and sport. Where some more got time for gurl oh!!! hanging out enough edi!!! don have to always be together and all those sort of stuff.

Thirdly, From my point of view, well!!! seriously, if I aren't sure this girl is my last GF, break up will happen, and guess wat, I will break another girl heart!!! THIS IS WHAT I DON WANNA DO!

Well, this summarize everything, being together take more than just love. OK let say the opposite sex wanted to be together, Reject? or choose to pleased him or her to be together!
For me, reject her breaks her heart. This is big matter.
What if both of u have been together, reject her will be even serious matter.
Why choose big when you can choose small!!!

Have been thinking of this quite some times!!! Onli now are able to make it into an essay that are readable!!! HEHEHEHE:)

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