Sunday, May 9, 2010

Should I Put it "finally", "for now"

well, thing have gotten pretty well lately.

To be honest, i have this feeling of going in the club and enjoy those drinks.....
but some time, thing just doesn't get ur ways.. wel!!! :)

meeting up with friend can seriously connect me back to pieces.... how they talk, what they talk, how my self react to it.... It is just, "It make me realize how am I acting lately"

which is not good, i mean acting ain't gonna help a person.

Secondly, have u ever been into a situation, ur close freind, best friend, friend....
for me, "it was her beauty-ness that suck me into an uncousious situation, where i can't find a word to talk to her.... it is just her"

Paint ball rock!!! thinking of it, This extreme games some time can really enjoy more then what u even expect. Try it, you will know...
I played it just now, guess wat... 4 shot hits me reall obvious, 1st was on my right bicep, second was left tricep...
the 3rd and 4th, One on my ear and chest, the one on chest really hurt! other then the ear, 3 of started to blue black now.... AIK..... anyway, It is fun!! even thought, it hurt!!

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