Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GUYs and GIRLs....

I can be very good with u guy some time, not because it depend on mood or wat...
It is because wat u guy and girl did to me. Wat i mean is, how u guy approach me or the other way round.....

well, this week i started again, going to hospital training, they so called it "posting".
Fine, like usual, i go to hospital to work like any other staff nurse and hope to get knowledge as much as possible.

GUESS wat, i encouter this situation, We wanted to take observation(Blood pressure, temperature, pulse and other) for this patient. Bed number 5, Ridzuan.

My friend pass by his side, he start shouting " YALA, SUDAHLAH, BELA, BELA, JANGAN DATANG SINI", I thought we did something wrong or wat. Fine, I don really care about it, my friend(student nurses) approach him once again this evening by asking politely, "abang, kita nak ambik observation.........."pergilah, jangan kacaus sini", haven finish talking, he start firing..

NVM, when i went to check on them, they ask for my help, fine!!! I HELP UP!, SOUND FUN AH!

approach him, I Haven talk, " pergi lah, jangan dekat dengan saya, ini menyampah, tak payah, tak payah ambik......... Hari hari ambik buat apa pun tak tau(in my heart, "like hell U KNOW")...

I try to explain, "abang, kena ambik lah, kena check kalau condition awak baik ke tak" seriously, at last, he let in......." ambik lah, ambik lah, jangan blame saya kalau tekanan darah tinggi" up untill this point, Deep down, he want people to check, to much ego edi(i think)....... hehehehe!

Here, i am stating, nurses wanted to check ur observation, ur blood pressure, is not for the sake of FUN, is for the sake of u......... U r being monitor with ur life depend on it, whethere u r in good condition or wat, come one lah, be coorperative abit lah, be sporting abit! hahahaha!!!

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