Monday, October 18, 2010

Freaking lazy

Don know what to say lah.....

Just that, easily get frustrated, easily get irritate

Unlike high school life, you can tell anything to anybody knowing that he will be a good listener even though his or she is not.....

Now a days, hardly you find anyone willing to listen to what you wanna say.

Everyone will be like asking "YO, WATZZUP, HOW YOU, HEY, HI" and then off to their own duties..... hehehehe

the sad part of the whole idea was, you got no one to turn to, no one to tell it to, what i mean i s problem. alway thinking about it make self kinda sick.

The good part is, we learn how to think, how to convince ourself that this or that matter is not as big as we thought.

Then come FB, hmmmmm.........
We use to sit together with friend talking our own stories and understand it, laugh about it, joke about it, and exchange ideas or own thought. But now adays we don talk like we use to talk, we post it in "FB", there are plenty of friend will comment it, it make us feel good, knowing that people notice, people comment, exchanging thought and all. But, when friend meet up, we don talk about it, because it is already say in FB, comment it again won't and also knowing that you are long winded....:) just a thought:)

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  1. u always can talk to ur sis(me), i would like to listen ur problem if u dun mind.