Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what did i do when i am away!!

Nothing much recently, just passes my exam week stressfully. next, clinical posting(cant wait)

First of all, it was my first time doing a blood donation, haiz, my blood type B. Anyway, the blood
that come out of my body is actually warm, this prove that i am not a cold blooded person!!!

this 3 boy taking same course with me!

Secondly, they have this clincal practise exam, they called it oshe, got very nervous and screw up some procedure, but still can make it. We are compulsory to wear the uniform(let the picture do the talking.

imagine i wear this uniform around my college, i heard people asking among them self(does ucsi give culinary course) they nv think of nursing also!! hahaha!!!
LASTLY, me year end term, finally in a blink of eye!! IT IS OVER!!, but next, have to do clinical posting(which we have to work in hospital) looking forward to it!! SEE YOU GUYS AROUND!!

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  1. ur uniform is better than me one. my one look like cleaner o.