Thursday, October 29, 2009


Mc is the job as a host of a function!
Nv thought that i would become one, so it happen so fast that.
I remember it was around, when i just entered the school of UCSI.
Me and my senior were having a student nurses association(SNA) meeting.
Suddenly they call out to my name and be the male mc of that night. I agree, because they sound It so relax! it thought it was cool!
When the date due is coming soon, got to say this, more nervous ever in my entire life! 1st time.
Me and my partner practise alot of time, arrange it quit well!

Finally, it pay off!it is the farewell dinner for the graduating seniors.
It turn into a real life show at the hall at UCSI! with 200+ student attend it
Screw up the starting(because i was so nervous that i forget what to say during that night)
But still, it pass swiftly with few problem.

overall: my 1st time, ended pretty good!
look up at my facebook for the picture: just login and search for edwin choo, click the picture and look in the farewell dinner 09

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