Sunday, February 8, 2009


wrap it like that and it really taste good!

this is the food i am talking about!

two is enough! i personally don like the taste!

massage leh!

guess wat plant is this!

so far down!

houses there in sarawak culture villge!

the scenery there!(not bad)

damn yeng!

sarawak culture village

nv thought that sarawak have such a nice gym!

Sorry for the delay! buzy!

anyway! FINALLY! went to sawarak!

this event happen before the chinese new year week!

1st day! the plane arrive at night! kutching was the place!it was alrealy night so not much we can do! Guess wat! my sis, her house near the airport! 5 minute drive! but the weather there suck! rain rain rain! every day not a sight of the sun! that night was luckyly no rain! my bro and sis bring me to the best hawker centre to had dinner and supper! eat while i still can eat! so wat they order was fantastic! 2 square normal table fill with all kind of food! in the end because of the plane sick! i eat those that are nice! hahaha!!

2nd day and 3rd day! went to shopping mall!
Well!basically! cannot expect time square or mid valley at kutching! but the shopping mall there almost half of the size of mid valley! only two big mall is located there! THE SPRING and BULLOWED(I THINK IS THIS NAME) only two mall! haha! i has been waiting chance to play basketball there! but! the weather there always rain! So! every evening have to stay at home watch tv! haiz!! went to yoga class!(wei! all of u should try it. tougher then i thought) went to gym! 

friday!(i think)
went to sarawak culture vilage! which we saw some tradisional dance before we went visit the people there! wow! there was this place! where u pay 1 dollar to shoot three dart through your mouth with a wood! i pay 3 dollar and only kena the board 2time! that hunter told me( kalau awak masuk hutan awak tak boleh hidup oh) i laugh and hurry went other place!

during saturday! went to church at night! totally diferent from my church! anyway!! ! next day sunday! woah!!! meet few koreans because going to hiking! due to the thundestorm before we reach there! some big trees block the road! and we have to go such big round to reach the distance! reach the water fall! before that lucky my blood is clean because no leech on my leg! finally get to eat turtle egg! 

19th, 20th january i stay at home most of the time! big bro and sis all working! at night! the last night! they cook something which is very good! i nv taste before! but that food i think most chinese will love it!!!

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