Tuesday, February 24, 2009


well! now currently work at eserli! my supervisor take leave for few day!! not seeing her this week! so my boss wife(si tau poh) take over her job. haiz!! well last night wat happen was!

we(kok how, hom lam,me) start talking about kid and school! the more we talk the more SHE talk! other promoter was like! 1st time she(si tau poh) talk so damn much! and start taking out her handphone showing how pretty her 5 year old girl! all those stuff la! WOW!show finish liao! then start talking how good the daughter is, how much her daughter improve in english ah, how great and all those stuff lah! haiz!!! wow can talk till A to Z non stop!

this is wat i think!
guy! remember when u get wife! tell her don talk so much about ur family even though it is great! to other people!(i mean show off)
girl! next time get married! get kid! don be like her pls!!!!not to say showing off! but there is a point to stop!

try to be in my shoe and surely u can understand!! hahaha! don take it seriously! pls!!!

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