Friday, February 20, 2009


   early morning 7am start waiting for kok how at the second door of the school! haiz! as alway kl people come late half and hour. 
  me, eric, kok how, then went to wa sek kai! some where at oug! start playing baksteball with kang wei and liang wei! ok! not boring! fun! untill 10.30! me and kok how are still exhausted from last night traning at yoke num! we went to mamak ajimah! when we paid! that idoit fellow drop 10cent in the curry!(boss told eric: u punya 10 cent dalam curry, sendiri ambil la) fuyoh! eric beh song adi! haiz! in the afternoon! went to school for the selection of school basketball team! so! 12.00 we went in and our hair was gold in colour! we sat at the canteen! when school over!  well! pretty girl become more mature! boy grow taller(form 1 boy was extremly short leh) haiz! don know la 

    Deng! this year basketball selection has 4 time more people then last year de selection! walaoweh! i got a shock! lucky few friend was there to witness and help up in the selection! thank to kok how, smoke, kang wei, ah fai, liang wei. Some good player were notice!

   lucky!! this year basketball team are still strong!!! don know wat will happen in next year! will saujana team ever be fear by other school team!!!

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