Saturday, July 18, 2009

Small gathering!!

 this morning! lucky today my class has been postpone!! so i am free the whole day!!! 

Well!! it has been plane through the whole week!! every one text each other phone!

"saturday morning wa sek kai" ok!!! i will make it short!!!

this morning! suprisingly! eric fetch me!! wow!!(he can drive in a very safe way leh(20km/h)so fast)

then this morning! saw kok how, kang wei, wai yew(fat liao leh), liang wei, smoke,park leng, ji mao, eric, so many more. 

well! some of them long time nv play ball! today some cant even dribble!! hahaha!!

they have really change!! into good way i guess! more mature!! hahaha!!!

Good to have you guy man!!

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