Wednesday, July 15, 2009

basketball again!

 hahaha! feeling lazy to post anyway!

last night was the best night! our basketbal team!(yoke num)

fought our eternal enemy 'the one'

well! before yesterday! i had a dream that i was loosing and all! 

but, when the match start! i only think of scoring and do least mistake! guess what!

1st quarter= sapu man! we were leading 17 point(30 something or 10 something)

2nd quarter= sapu of couse! we were leading by half! 48over 22

3rd quarter=76 over 30 something

4th qurter= 80 something or 50!(everyone gets tired) that why!!!

it is just a general knowledge that in OUG! yoke num beat this team called(the one) remember it!!

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