Tuesday, April 7, 2009


walao!! taking P LICENSE is so easy! yesterday went to hulu langat! some place in cheras! haha!

guess wat i wake up so early5.30 in the morning! because that uncle live near my house so he has

to fetch me 1st! haiz! reach there test out 1 last time for the car! and straight to exam! uphill! i

spent one minute to finish it! bring my car to parking there and let him sigh my pare and another 1

minute gone! 3 point turn another 1 minute gone! alltogether spent 5 minute finish the couse

after i have waited so long for it!

on road!!! worse still! the whole afternoon was sunny hot! when it come to my turn!!! idiot 

weather heavy rain!!! lucky there was no problem while i drive! try to slow down as much as 

possible down hill! i free the gear and let it run wild! and it still go up to sixty! haiz!!! end of the 

pass my car license! and today, pass my bike license too!! haha!!


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