Wednesday, April 15, 2009


the more i work the more i feel like wanna stop!! so tired that i almost pengsan!!!!seriously!!

14-april, tuesday!!! i enter my shift at 12 pm,  ok then i start working hard!! and i realize i am

the only boy among 7 staff, so boy have to do the boy's job,(haha that is wat i think) supervisor

tell me to go up store(that store located at the other end of midvalley,it is  at the 3rd floor of mid

valley and located behind the food court there), tell me take stock since i so free, anything la! i

walk up pushing a trolley! inside that store fill with carten of shoe!  i have to slowly carry the

carten out  alone, then find the correct art number which given by the supervisor to take down

the stock!10 carten have to be push down from the store, pushing the trolley was'nt a matter!

but as soon i reach my shop which located at the other end of midvalley 1st floor. my supervisor

give another 30 type of art number. so i have to carry the stock down alone and have to repeat

another 3 time time. each time i enter the upper store i have to carry few carten out from the

store and slowly push till my shop there!! work like hell! show u all the picture next time!

alltogether push the rolley 4 round! the biggest problem is my pay is still the same, thinking of

quitting it! but carrying stuff can help keeping fit while working!! haha!! sorry ah! grammar error alot!

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