Friday, November 27, 2009

Twilight, New Moon.

guess wat!!! went to mines, watch 2 movie.

chrismas carol and twilight!!

went there in the afternoon, afraid that the ticket sold out!!
i was totally wrong, went there and we no need to que up!! take our home sweet time, buying ticket, choosing places. happy get to sit the best places!! pity the one that went all the way to mid valley and fully book! hahaha!

Chrismas Carol
how should i put it, kinda boring i guess.
about an old man do not celebrate chrismas, and flash back of how selfish he was.

twilight-new moon
people said, the book is better then the movie. don know which one is true
but certainly, the movie really rock big time.
pity bella when Edward left her, lucky there was still jacob around.
Jacob, good person, a daring one(able to tell his feeling), hot temper and hot body! seriously, i know how he feel when bella choose edward instead of him! haha!!!
all i wanna say is girl: u all should watch it, u all will like it, seeing those handsome faces get u pump up?
boy: watch it, try to imitate Jacob body, u guy will also like the movie.

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