Monday, September 7, 2009

As i wrote on my facebook!

can some one tell another person who they have a crush on by not making any move?

haiz! Really useless me, she has the looks, the way, the mature way that i like in a girl. it was like perfect in a girl to me.few month ago, what happen was which i assumed she has the interest in hang out with me but it seem like that time i was working. Have to cancel all out going stuff. I was happy that moment. Another month passes, when i quit my job, she has already start her college and it seems that she is very buzy person(you know la student)

The worst came to worst is that. ( when people keep texting you, you know that something might happen there, some connection going on, either hate it or love it) when i was messaging her, suddenly recieved a message from her stated that she has a boy friend since last week (to late and i miss the chance to have a wonderfull girl friend) and stuff like that (she must have hated me texting her).

I was about to create a bank account and i recieved it. My heart goes' shit, shit , shit' can't this of anything. when changing my pin number. my mind go blank. actually took 5 minute to think a password(the guy that teach me was impatient, i have to hurry). my heart go so down, even while playing baskteball, i would shut my self up. can't sleep but eventually slept.

this few month was actually thinking about her (one night actually dream of her as my wife), the problem i seldom blog is because, i don't know whether to blog this or just save it to myself. now i have blog it. the problem is should I forget about her or just keep on be an admired to her. haiz!!

sorry to my friend! i not trying to brag about this! just trying a good way to let it out! hope you guy or girl would understand!

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