Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1st day of school!!!!

1st time in my life i miss the day of schooling at the start of the year!!
morning, eric and their gang plan to play basketball at wa sek kai!!! i join them!!!
i wake up 6 in the morning bath and not wearing uniform(1st time leh) eric came to my house. 
they plan to gather at the second gate of the school which all student will enter the school by it!!
in the mean time me, eric, zheng hong arrive 1st! 3 of our hair is gold in colour.(people eye start staring)

it is alright, suddenly kok how come(another gold hair people)  we walk to wa sek kai(laing wei was late). the 4 of us. when we walk together at the road side, driver will give us the looks(because 4 of our hair is gold in colour) quite funny.but it is fun!!!
untill every one arrive we start our match and all!! haiz!!(kang wei twisted his ankle and have to start work later) lucky it is not very serious!!

i hurry went home at 11.30 reach home at 12 something. because going mid valley in the afternoon. zhing zhing birthday!! watch movie(1st time people go study and we go watch movie) and walk around. time flies, suddenly 6 something liao. joe and the other had dinner at kim gary. i drink something and it is already 7. walk around till 8 and sit ktm back home(1st time sit ktm so late)
that is it the 1st day of schooling and not going to school!!

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