Sunday, December 28, 2008


while snokeling

me and kye  ern

kok how

how i hope this day won't come

when did that hand appear?

hahaha! have to eat most of the food
if not there will be lot of left over

3rd day
check out at 9.00. but every one wake up at 8.30(they were planning to wake up at 6.30morning)
we have breakfast at the same place and have to carry our bag to the nearest (ferry station)
their picture were taken above, look more on their eye, all swollen! include me. lunch time we have it at tapah. the foothill to cameron highland! food there taste great(because we were hugry every thing taste better)

2nd day
I had to wake at 7.30. it will be a tiring day because we were visiting location to location. the best part was snokeling(iguess this is the spelling for it). anyway, it was hard to see the fish while the water at pangkor was dirty. we boy wear their provided attire and went in the sea. the gogle i use was non water proof. it was lose at the right eye. salt water keep entering my eye. have to get up from the water and adjust again. so! i change with my friend which he has give up snokeling with no fish he has seen. the faci gace me a piece of bread. i alone went near the big rock and hold the bread in a eye range of mine. big fish start eating up the bread and bite my finger! fun yet scary!!! after lunch we start playing in the beach at pool and back to the beach! alomost all of us get sun burnt! fun!!!!! night time we hang out at the beach! some were drinking bear but nv get drunk! meet new friend! they were from ipoh! at night i went to fei sin room which they had a dvd player there. they play card, ramee, watch ghost movie. we stay up untill 5.30a.m i was thinking of not sleeping and at last i slept!!!!!

1st day
We wait for bus at school in the morning about 5.30am. lucky, some friend was there already. I join them, we went up the bus and start the journey to gua temurung. Wow, the beast was when we were in the cave where the water flow and we have soack our self in the water. we play water in the dark and there was no parent there to stop us, that was the best.
after came out from the cave was about 1 somthing (i think). we boy take a bath which we are still dirty. we plan to get to pankor only take a clean bath. but the girl took about half and hour to bath. haiz......... went up to bus. another 1 hour drive we take our lunch at 3. went to lumut for the ferry. WOW!!! at 7pm we reaches the resort which is called (coral bay). hurry take a bath and take our dinner hahaha!! went to beach at night( i realize that 1 year i have nv walk on sandy beach) went back home sleep quite early because tomrrow will be an tiring for me.(which i lose my voice the second day)

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